Meet Ying’nFlo

We’ve created a new hotel brand, that taps into current and future desires of Millennials and Generation Z. For the road warriors, the creative set and the eco-conscious. For the designers, the new age entrepreneurs and the digital minds.

Why Ying'nFlo
  • Simple, modular design (standard bays) to allow  for fast and cost-effective construction when relevant, as well as efficient operation
  • Rooms-focused product, with limited F&B (House of Ying’nFlo as the only public space) delivers better ROI for owners
  • Hotel teams trained to multi-task, allowing for more flexible staffing formulas and lower costs
  • Designed to fit in established neighbourhoods as well as in emerging ones with convenient access to transport
  • Tailored for a rapidly increasing audience of young and avid global travellers who want a simple and efficient accommodation at an affordable price

Ying’nFlo that are easy to use, simple and efficient, at an affordable price. Our design is all about comfort, adaptability and ease of use in a relaxed and fun style. We know how travelers like to use their rooms in different ways and have designed them with flexibility in mind.

With flexibility and convenience at its core, Ying’nFlo is for inquisitive, urban travelers looking for practical, well-designed accommodation - those for whom standard offerings are not the answer.

Ying’nFlo immerse themselves in local communities by building partnerships to meet the guests’ need to be connected. Fusing intuitive adaptability with a minimalist aesthetic, Ying’nFlo by Langham Hospitality Group is born to play a part in the future of travel.

Development Contacts

Senior Vice President - Development and Strategic Owner Relations, China
T +86 (21) 6326 8877  (Ext.106)
M +86 13918553810

B1, No. 333 Shenhong Road, Minhang District, Shanghai


Vice President - Development, Asia Pacific and Middle East
T +852 21862318  (Ext. 318)
M +852 97118072

2701, Great Eagle Centre,
23 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong